Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Is A Healing? (WIP)

Energy is all around us. It ebbs and flows. Sometimes the energy can become dampened or sapped, some energy is invigorating and charged. Similar to electricity. When you focus and others focus for you allowing divine energies to work with or through them (depending on the person), they can raise the vibration if it is low (often a result of being tired, drained, stressed, depressed, sad, etc. ) or they can help calm the energy if it's been too high (as in being angry, worried, overly excited, rushing thoughts etc.).

The key thing to remember is the desire for healing. If you do not wish to be healed or you are hanging on to that energy it will sometimes take longer for it to work simply because you are raising blocks or protective barriers against things and people that wish to help you.

Often at times during a healing you may release some pretty strong emotions. eg: Crying, frustration, happiness. Let it happen, because it needs to happen. Then after a healing, sometimes (most times from the people I've met) you feel a sense of calm and almost ethereal rest.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

CSC - Communications and Blind Confirmations

I attended the Central Spiritualist Church's mediumship class this Sunday. The day's topic was on questions and answers. It was highlighted around asking questions to the entities and energies that visit us. Should we feel we come into contact with such energies or entities we would simply ask identifying questions and wait for the answers. Such as asking, "What kind of person are you?" "How can you identify yourself?" or if it is a particular energy you can ask, "Is this energy me or is it spirit?" "Where is this energy coming from?"

These questions allow us to focus and pin point where the message is coming from or help identify energies that may be circulating in the room. Identifying with it will help us either interact better or ward off unwanted energies better. We did a meditation practice.

As the meditation began images just flash through my mind. As if I was watching a picture viewer. I then started to feel very nauseous. I asked, "Is this energy mine?" I got back, "no" right away. I then asked, "Can you take it away please." And they did. After a little bit of time my whole left side from the tips of my toes to the top of my head started to tingle as if it was going numb. I asked again, "Is this mine?" Once again they replied no. I did not ask to have this experience removed.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Crystal Bowl Meditation - Clairaudience

I was really looking forward to Kaleia's Crystal Bowl Meditation. It had been several weeks since I had been to one. I really do enjoy the experience as it is always different each time. Somehow always exciting in new ways. I specifically was looking forward to this meditation as I had been irritable all week and just not in the most friendliest of forms. I was hoping what ever mess was gunking up my lower chakra's, could be shaken loose.

Normally Kaleia starts with the heart chakra bowl to unify the group. Tonight, however, she decided to start with the root chakra. The whole process of this meditation is always fascinating. I often start thinking "oh what will happen?" and speculating only to find that it is always going to be something else but definitely something.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BPI - Welcome to Kindergarten

I started my first Berkeley Psychic institute (BPI) class on Monday (June 4th).  Intuition 101. It is a compilation of their previous Meditation I-III classes. This particular class was offered online directly from BPI. This appealed to me as I enjoyed the energy of the instructor, Bingo, as well as the course structure.

The first lesson: PLAY! I enjoy the fun atmosphere of this class. Ego-free. There is no judgement. I enjoy that. I love the walk itself on this journey and the mistakes are the best part. It gives challenge and dimension to what you are learning. It isn't always a pink hazy cloud. I love that reality.

Our second lesson brought us to learn some tools we would use in the class and in our everyday lives. The first an most important was grounding. We were instructed to imagine a long object stemming from our tail bone all the way into the core of the earth. My first object was a lazer. Bright red. We were instructed to take any worries, thoughts and energies that no longer serviced us and put them into a marble. One for each if we liked. Then just toss it down that cord. I thought this was interesting.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Earth Expo - Sacramento, CA

I attended the New Earth Expo (Holistic Living Expo) on Sunday. This is their third expo I have attended in Sacramento. I enjoy attending these expos. Mostly to see different types of energies and people there. I have to say I am never disappointed by who I meet. (even if they don't know they are meeting me)

The first presentation I went to was done by Eve Miller. She was new to me and was doing a talk on "Angel's Message of Discipline". It was suppose to be a talk of one of the first things that Eve had learnt from her angel guides. Which in it's totality was "your preconceived ideas are wrong".  She talked about letting go of idols. And how all these ideas we had were idols. I found the statement rather confusing for new people.

Ideas are excellent to blossom and give us direction in which we can find comfort in releasing them or harvesting them as we grow. Idols are important for those in the beginning. They act as anchors. This path is never for the faint of heart and can scare and startle some. Those idols give a familiarity to which they can cling until they are ready to let go.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Psychic Development - Kaleia

Kaleia hosted her first Psychic Development class on Thursday. The class took the two full hours and seemed to be beneficial for most people who were there. She started by playing the Throat Chakra Crystal Bowl. It was to unify and calm the energies in the room. Also to open up the upper levels of the chakra system.

Kaleia then went on to take us through a guided meditation to cleanse and bring in energy to our being. During this meditation I got visuals over some people. One man had a panda with him. I was curious and kept "looking" trying to find reasoning for a panda. As I looked closer

Thursday, May 24, 2012

CSC - Healing & Messages

Last Sunday I had the honor of doing my second healing and giving spirit greetings. I still cannot get over how nervous I am being in front of so many people. Yet, when it comes time to do work it is like they all slip away. Such a beautiful circle of white light and the eagerness of my guardians just ready to help not just me but those I am to help as well.

It was also wonderful as I got to heal along side a very beautiful and strong healer. It was such an honor to be working along side of her. Her energy was such a beautiful soft white and pink.

We prepared with a meditation. I informed my guardians what we were about to do and if they wanted to proceed the same way as last time. They had said, nonchalantly, "Yea, that sounds good."